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Buy Gout Ayurvedic Treatment Online

Gout is caused when excess uric acid in the bloodstream forms hard crystals in the joints. The gout attack can come in the middle of the night without any pre-warning and can cause extreme pain. A veteran once said, “I’ve been shot, beaten up, stabbed and thrown out of helicopter, but none of that compared to a gout.” One can imagine how painful it can be by his statement.

Home Remedies For Gout

Medical attention in gout is a must, but one may try home remedies also to get relief from gout’s symptoms. One of the reasons of gout is excess formation of uric acid and hence baking soda can be used in getting relief from gout as it neutralizes the acid. Cherries have anti-oxidant properties and can be used in treating gout. Drink plenty of water, it will flush out excess urine. Avoid drinking alcohol as it raises the level of uric acid in body. Exercise also helps in reducing the level of uric acid.

Ayurvedic Medication For Gout

Gout is known as Vata Rakta Ayurveda. There are a number of ayurvedic remedies for gout to deal with gout’s pain. Jatamayadi churnam reduces inflammation and hence pain arising out of gout. Balaguluchyadi kera tailam is also very useful in the treatment of gout if massaged properly. Mahayograj guggulu is a herbal tablet which helps in getting rid of gout.

Gout is developed after a number of years of building up of uric acid so it’s better to take preventive measures then. Keep drinking water and avoid alcohol. Exercise regularly and eat less fatty products.

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