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Elaneer Kuzhambu (narikelanjana)



Elaneer Kuzhambu is a kerala based preparation, predominantly used in the eye disorders. Also known as narikela anjana. Its usage: 1.pittaja origin eye disorders like Corneal ulcer, pterygium and early stage of cataract. 2.It is also useful in relieving eye infection. Effect on Tridosha &ndash; Balances Pitta and Vata in eyes. It is used in the way kajal or collirium is applied. Elanir kuzhambu ingredients: Darvi &ndash; Tree Turmeric (stem) &ndash; Berberis aristata &ndash; 96 g Haritaki &ndash

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Manufacturer Nagarjuna
Brand This product is available from Nagarjuna
Weight The Weight of this product is 5 Ml

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