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Buy Asthma Ayurvedic Treatment Online

Asthma can affect person of any age group. Common asthma symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and doing physical activities, chest pain, wheezing sound and coughing particularly during night. To treat symptoms, doctors usually prescribe inhalers for the asthmatic patients.

Asthma Home Treatment

Though medical attention is necessary in case of asthma, home remedies may help in easing the symptoms. Ginger is an excellent remedy for asthma. Consuming juice of ginger, pomegranate and honey twice or thrice a day is very useful for asthmatic patients. Caffeine in coffee acts as bronchodilator. Strong and hot coffee helps in controlling asthma attacks and it also clears the airways to help breathe easily. Smoke and tobacco cause asthma so keep yourself distant from them. Stress and depression trigger asthma symptoms so stay happy and cool.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Asthma

Ayurveda provides you with a wide range of herbal medicines that will give your respiratory system enough strength to deal with asthma. Dasamula Rasayanam is an excellent remedy for asthma. Just take 5-20g of the medicine regularly before or after meal. Agastya rasayanam improves the respiratory strength and hence, is widely used to treat asthma. Talisapatradi churnam is very effective in controlling the symptoms of asthma. Abhrak bhasma is known for its usage in dealing with symptoms of asthma effectively.

Avoid drinking cold drinks or eating anything that can trigger asthma symptoms. Keep yourself distant from pollutants and stay happy always.

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